The Black Map #84: Shame from Bedford!

A Metalcore band established this very year, citing influences including Crystal Lake, Humanities Last Breath and Code Orange from Bedfordshire seems an unlikely choice for today’s entry in The Black Map of The UK Underground Metal Scene. But the quality of recent singles “Dead Tired” and “Corpser”, both produced, mixed and mastered by Dan Kerr at Avenue Studios have put them in the spotlight. Why? Because for a band so young in their careers, they sound like they have a decent amount of experience and know what they want to sound like. The five piece, comprising vocalist James Fox, guitarist/vocalist Jamie Fleming, guitarist Ross Davidson, drummer Adam Davidson and bassist Connor Connolly made their live debut just a month ago, sharing a stage at Harvey’s in Luton with Faces Of Eve. That’s how new they are. They’ll have to wait until 21st February for their home town debut when they will join Oxford Hardcore Punks MSRY at Bedford Enquires. Maybe they’ll have an EP recorded by then? We hope so.


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