Throwback: “Stingwray” from Static-X!

Lets start with what we know. 2020 will see the partially new, partially old album of songs from Static-X entitled “Project Regeneration” appear for all those who participated in the crowd funding campaign as well as those who didn’t. Produced by Ulrich Wild, who has been at the boards for the majority of the bands career, it will feature existing vocal recordings from Wayne Static who tragically passed away in 2014 alongside new music from original members Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda and Ken Jay. That’s set for 29th May in pencil at least as a chunk of it is yet to be recorded though they have promised a guest vocal appearance from Al Jourgensen of Ministry. Not only a legend in the eyes of Wayne Static – Static-X paid tribute to them with a cover of “Burning Inside” for “The Crow: Salvation” soundtrack – but also joined by Tony Campos for 2012’s “Relapse“, 2013’s “From Beer to Eternity” and 2018’s “AmeriKKKant“. So perhaps you could say Campos was pulling in a favor.

So we’re heading back to 2009’s “Cult Of Static” for today’s throwback, an album that features a guest guitar solo from Dave Mustaine from Megadeth and covers of songs by Whitesnake, Motley Crue and Poison as bonus tracks across various special editions. Their sixth studio album Wayne Static himself said “The “cult” part of the title is not to be taken in any religious manner, I am referring to and giving respect to the loyalty of all you good people that have supported us through the years. This record is definitely darker than “Cannibal” and has more synths and loops as well. And this is also the most crushing guitar tone I have ever had. There are 11 songs instead of our usual 12, and they are mostly longer and more epic than ever before“. So what will the new album sound like?

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