Review: “Theia” by Kalahari

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Mathlab Recording Studio by Jonathan Mazzeo, “Theia” is a concept EP from Forli, Italy Melodic Death Metal quintet Kalahari, the follow up to 2018’s debut “Reburn“. Theia, a titan of ancient Greek mythology, the mother of the moon divinities, of the god of the sun and of the dawn. She is the goddess of splendor, the spear that brings destruction and then creation. Following the theory of “The Great Impact” or big bang, it written that she destroyed what was in order to breathe new life into the Earth upon which we walk…

…starting with the title track, “Theia” starts on a haunting note for a melodic first verse before roaring into life. The story is one of epic proportions and the band take the opportunity to mix up the styles to create something of their own. It’s part The Raven Age melodic clean vocal vibrancy against galloping drum patterns and Modern Metal riffs and then left field uncleans that add a savage gut gut punch of ferocity. This one has a rap passage of sorts that doesn’t seem to fit the first time around but grows on you with each listen. Diving head long into 80s Thrash, “Follows Of The Lich” dances around the clean vocal harmonies before a fine elongated solo. Closing off some of the vocal lines with unclean words are warning shots for a final unclean verse and pummelling breakdown. “Zombie Night” keeps up the Thrash inspirations with a typically Pizza Thrash lyrical theme but puts the stamp of Kalahari firmly upon it with drawn out spoken words and clean vocals intertwining with some solid riffs. Turning things down a notch for some Iron Maiden esq acoustic arpeggios and sinuous melodies in “I Am The Mountain” breaks up the flow of the EP while showing an entirely different side to the band, the ability to create an epic Hard Rock akin to Threering. It’s an arena filling anthem with cigarette lighter swaying moments. “Cabled Core” turns back the page to the sounds of the opening track, big Modern Metal riffs like Suffer No Fools against and epic clean vocals while throwing in the odd heavier moment that catches you off guard on the first few listens but again you grow to love over multiple listens. “Theia” comes across as Kalahari having fun and experimenting with their sound to find the right blend while never straying too far from what they consider their core sound to be and the result is a fine, varied listen [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Theia
  2. Followers Of The Lich
  3. Zombie Night
  4. I Am The Mountain
  5. Cabled Core

Theia” by Kalahari is out 26th June and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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