Review: “You’ll See Me Up There” by Thirty Nights Of Violence

Since breaking ground in late 2018 with their debut EP To Die In Your Portrait, Thirty Nights of Violence have found themselves at the forefront of a thriving Nashville metal scene with the creative chemistry between members – Zach Wilbourn (vocals), Ethan Young (drums/vocals), Jake Chestnut (bass/vocals), James Chatham (guitar) and Kelly Cook (guitar/vocals) being key. Once again pairing with Unbeaten Records for their sophomore EP “You’ll See Me Up There“, they recorded with Tate Mercer of Schematic Studios in Nashville to lean even further into finding the balance between their most chaotic and melodic tendencies. Thematically, serving as a way for the band to process internal and external pain. It addresses directly the way perspective can shift when an individual survives a period of suffering, taking influence from seminal acts such as the Deftones, Converge, Botch and Poison the Well

Thirty Nights Of Violence have their stock at an all time high, having had the pleasure of sharing stages with the likes of The Acacia Strain, Heavens Die, Inclination and Varials during the last tour cycle, making this EP very much a highly anticipated affair and rightly so, their debut earned them that right. Wasting no time with build up or introductions, “Lost In Your Light” goes straight for the jugular from the very start with throat shredding vocals from practically the first bar. Four members of the band share vocal duties, three adding back screams, lines and words to Wilbourn’s primary contact and that added complexity adds a fresh dynamic to the raw and violent Metallic Hardcore sinister rhythmic gymnastics of this style sound. This one has a Vein esq industrial break and some killer breakdowns that leave you wanting. The surprise lead flourishes of the tale of drug abuse that is “In Vein” is a cunning disguise, making you think you’ve been zapped into Rock Radio before the fist of Hardcore battery punches out the verse. There is a chaotic tendency within the fold of the bands sonic craft, an awkward soul that requires serious attention to detail to not sound like a train wreck and fortunately they get it spot on and give a masterclass in how it’s done. “You’ll See Me Up There” as the title track is an ambient piece that matches off the one in the centre of “Lost In Your Light” and will be a mid set interlude while the band tune up rather than a fully fledged song. What it does is give a sonic break from onslaught of angular guitars for 30 seconds or so before throwing you headlong into the caustic 54 second burst of “Salt“. Blast beats galore and a single verse of brutality makes for a short, sharp and intense shock that they could play twice over just to get a pit going. While “Shattered Glass” is something lyrically about finding their own sexual identity, it’s in the Glassjaw sense with rapid fire bursts of kit work and brutal riffs lighting up Wilbourn’s harsh tones. The vocal layering adds the perception of madness with the different vocal elements sounding like voices in the protagonists head and that sets up the onslaught of “Marbled Regression” to perfection. Heavy and violent with some huge bass drops, it’s both bruising and emotive with a nuanced solo and spoken word sections that work incredibly well with violent and chaotic style [8/10]

  1. Lost In Your Light
  2. In Vein
  3. You’ll See Me Up There
  4. Salt
  5. Shattered Glass
  6. Marbled Regression

You’ll See Me Up There” by Thirty Nights Of Violence is out 26th June via Unbeaten Records

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