Review: “Agony” by Wych

Adorned by suitably bleak and gripping cover at from Indonesian visual artist Bahrull Marta, this debut EP from Alberta Canada Deathcore collective Wych promises to be has cold and unforgiving as the winters of their homeland. The quartet who comprise vocalist Colin Allan-Fitterer, guitarist Jorge Mares, bassist Zayn Jinnah and drummer Mike Bolduc worked with Ty Kingston who not only mixed and mastered but also co-produced beside the band themselves while adding elements of Metalcore and Death Metal flesh to the bones of the bare carcasses of these songs…

…from the moment that hard hitting opening cut “Lesser Key” hits, the 2003 era Metalcore sound fills your ears and makes you want to start a circle pit where ever you are, living room, crowded underground train or basement. The cathartic writings of Allan-Fitterer speak of a time in his life where he was bored of life, stuck in a low place that really resonates with gravity and his emotional, yet gravelly voice portrays that perfectly. “Alone-Drift” then picks up that mantle and runs with it, armed with classy breakdowns, the guitar tone and styling reminiscent of “The Caitiff Choir” by Buffalo New York’s It Dies Today, something that runs throughout the record. Lyrically the title track, the band pull out all the stops, throwing down tapping sections and blast beats that add nuances that keep you coming back for more and the false ending on this one is a piece of brilliantly timed musicianship. The lyrics about the darkness and disparity of human nature are a bleak offering but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel within them, they never admit defeat. “Amber” has a mournful quality and groove underpinned by aching sparse clean vocals and there are moments when you think the band will break the shackles but instead dial back before picking it up, the “Bleigh!” moment that piles into blast beats before a huge breakdown section is going to be a live favourite. “Bones” is a pummelling rhythmic battery that brings Death Metal flavours to the Metalcore onslaught with some nauseating churning leads as Wych put the pedal to the metal, the atmosphere building passage of breathing cutting increasing the tension perfectly. The tale of a broken relationship is dragged up with “1894” that is tinged with Blackened moments, building on the previous impressive work by Bolduc who drives the band forward with murderous intent. Allan-Fitterer’s vocal develop an early career Randy Blythe quality to them by this point and that only serves to draw you further into the lyrics of this vicious little number. Adding synths to give a sinister edge to finale is a cry for more that begs for you to push play once again [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Lesser Key
  2. Alone-Adrift
  3. Amber
  4. Bones
  5. 1894

Agony” by Wych is out 26th February 2021 and is available over at bandcamp.

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