Listmania: 5x Guest appearances that changed the way we looked at the scene!

The rise of the guest appearance. 90% of the time it will be in the form of a guest vocal that is a single verse but from time to time there will be something more. It’s often a chance for a younger band to get into the fanbase of a more established crew or simply to get their name in the headlines. On occasion it is more than that with bands giving friends a helping hand or a different element to their sound and a chance to experiment. So here’s five guest appearances that changed the way we at Metal Noise looked at the scene…

1. Deftones – “Head Up” (ft. Max Cavalera of Soulfly)

A song that is the first to feature the “Soulfly” name and effectively launched Soulfly as a band. One of the heavier cuts from the highly influential and crucially acclaimed “All Around The Fur”, this one has to be the one that took us from Deftones to Sepultura back in the day.

2. The Ghost Inside – “Chrono” (ft. Mat Bruso of Bury Your Dead)

As huge Bury Your Dead fans, not only did “Chrono” get us into The Ghost Inside in a big way, but it was also the song that showed the then out of music Mat Bruso that he still had love for it and would eventually bring him back to Bury Your Dead. The eventual outcome of “Chrono” was the brilliant and heavy “Mosh n’ Roll” in 2011.

3. Winds of Plague – “California” (ft. Martin Stewart of Terror and John Mishima)

This was the tune that took us from Metalcore and Hardcore across to the Deathcore scene. Winds of Plague were a band that toured relentlessly with bands from other scenes and helped broaden the horizons to some much heavier sounds. Symphonic Deathcore at its finest is their approach but this rap gang vocal hardcore attack is something else.

4) Issues – “Love.Sex.Riot” (ft. Chris Fronzak of Attila)

From the ashes of Woe Is Me came Issues, a band that infused R&B with Metal thanks to the vocal talent of Tyler Carter. Having delivered an opening EP of incredible promise with this stand out track, the second full length album went down the toilet. Still this is legit at least. One of a billion Chris Fronzak cameo appearances that are all over the interweb.

5) Deez Nuts “Band of Brothers” (ft. Sam Carter of Architects)

Probably the only one of our five whereby we were already in the full knowledge of both bands involved, this one is one where it could have gone so horribly wrong. Instead, Sam Carter delivered some fantastic clean vocals and Deez Nuts use them to create a classic cut of their own. Not to be missed. The acoustic guitar intro isn’t something you’d normally associate with the Melbourne Hardcore crew but it works so well.

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