Review: “Tales of the Fallen Empires” by Mythos

Mythos is a Metalcore meets Groove band from Egypt formed in 2011 by Guitarist Amr El Gendy and Vocalist Ahmed “Psycho” Hassan. After a 5 year hiatus between 2011 and 2016, the band returned and released their first EP entitled “Eternal Rage” in 2017 and their first full studio album entitled “Tales of the Fallen Empires” in July 2019. Rounded out with Guitarist Peter samir, Bassist Gasser Helal and Drummer Ahmed El Kholy they’re bursting out of Alexandria to play shows!

If it wasn’t obvious from the track listing, Mythos are heavily influenced by Egyptian mythology which provides and rich vein of subject matter for lyrical storytelling. If you were expecting some Iron Maiden inspired material, it’s time to look away. Hassan’s vocals from the very start of “Gods of Wrath” are more akin to what you might expect from Mike Williams of The Agony Scene fame than anything Bruce Dickinson would produce. The depth of the growl is savage and the lack of much in the way of pitch or tonal changes makes for a heavy hitting track. Guitars wise, a thick juicy steak of chugging high gauge string riffage with a couple of ripping whammy bar Power Trip esq solos are simply phenomenal. Thundering in with a huge guttural roar from Hassan befitting of demon summoning “Unleash the Kraken” is a blisteringly heavy cut with Ahmed El Kholy delivering some Chris Adler esq kit work and giving the bass drum a serious kicking. A mid track pause break riff breakdown section that bursts into a Black Metal solo is simply masterful and if it wasn’t for the skull crushing vocals you could be forgiven for mistaking the band for Trivium, such is the quality of the musicianship. For those not in the know “Gryphon”, is another work for a “Griffin” a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a Lion; the head and wings of an Eagle; and sometimes an Eagle’s talons as its front feet. As the Lion is traditionally considered the King of the Beasts, and the Eagle the King of the birds, by the Middle Ages the Griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. Since classical antiquity, Griffins were known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions. Mythos do the creature a justice with a powerhouse track of brutal riffage and wonderful storytelling in what is probably the heaviest track on the album. Staccato riffs and some glorious lead flourishes lift everything from the darkness of those gravely vocals.

Having paid tribute to one mythical beast, Mythos move onto another with “Minotarus” a beast with the head and tail of a bull and the body of a man. The track charges through like said bull, head down and raging with a solid groove metal riff set at a decent headbangable pace. Stepping up the energy for another ripper of a solo, the band are in their element and when Hassan let out an elongated pig squeal turned roar to bring the track to a skull crushing close it’s the ground that is shaking underneath the monuments of Egypt. Bringing back the pause break breakdown section before bursting into a blast beat section second to none “In the Presence of Hydra” is owes something to the early work of Lamb of God for its groove style and the quality of the musicianship isn’t something you may expect from a band at the point of their debut album. “Medusa” is pummeling relentless cut that will have crowds throwing hammers in the opening section before starting a circle pit with the subtle tempo change mid song. The riffage has a haunting edge of menace to it and it’s climbing solo is backed off by a thunderous chugging rhythmic pile driver of dirge laden riff. “Nefarious” palette cleanses with a couple of seconds of kit work before the guitars kick in with a lead riff of choice. Maintaining the darkness off the atmosphere of the rest of the album is achieved with some excellent musicianship and if you’re a solo fan, this one has another belter. Closing on the longest cut of the album “The Beginning of the End”, Mythos prove that they have have what it takes to deliver an all killer, no filler album of relentless quality. Increasing the technicality of the guitars for some of the riffs on this one adds a sparkle that some bands don’t often have by the time the final song hits. Following a trend in the writing of a breakdown into a solo and then bringing back the verse with no pause for breath, the sheer quality of this needs to be heard to be believed [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Gods of Wrath
  2. Unleash the Kraken
  3. Gryphon
  4. Minotaurus
  5. In the Presence of Hydra
  6. Medusa
  7. Nefarious
  8. The Beginning of the End

“Tales of the Fallen Empires” by Mythos is out now and available over at bandcamp

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