Review: “Delirium” by Together In Tragedy

A Four piece from Campbelltown, Western Sydney Australia formed in late 2016, Together In Tragedy released their debut album “Social Construct” independently two years later. Building on their skills and experience in the live arena they have returned with “Delirium“, a 5 track EP recorded by Nat Sherwood at Maple Studios with additional recording at A Sharp Studios and Kiln Studios. It was mixed and mastered by Josh Schroeder (Varials, In Hearts Wake, King 810, Lorna Shore) with all artwork done by Josh Ang (ex-Dealer, Codeine King) promotional photography done by Martin Wood (The Gloom In The Corner, Dealer) and Angus Lewry with music videos shot, directed and edited by Colin Jeffs (Alpha Wolf, The Beautiful Monument) and Martin Wood.

The eerie haunt of swirling uneasy guitars and Alex Woollams horror film spoken word clears the floor during the intro to “Tainted” before the drums and chugging riffs kick in with Gloom stylings a plenty bring all the moshers back. It’s a slow, foaming at th mouth learching opening that turns heads like the recent releases from Alpha Wolf and Dealer. Seamlessly bleeding into “Disgust” that wastes no time with any lengthy introductions and gets straight to a throat ripping verse makes it seem like simply a continuation on the same track, but in a good way. Click-y loose strung bass tones and tempo shifts like a concrete mixing truck changing gears through Tech-Metal infused bounce with DJent groove while Woollams talks about night terrors and violent fantasies running through his head make for toxic melting pot.

First single “Spineless” was an obvious choice for its “Alien” era Northlane esq off Hip-Hop programmed introduction that turns the digital into some heavy hitting riffs. The KoRn esq buried rap and bass line from David Rea are things to have heard before but the context gives them a dark new breed atmospheric and that piece of nostalgia is the hook that gets you addicted. Michael Webb’s guitar parts are well thought out and executed to perfection with the catchy lead hooks lifting everything. By complete contrast the brutal opening of “Drawing Dead” is like the sound of the Police battering down your door at 3am with Deathcore inspired stuccato riffage waves and cathartic writings lyrically. It’s continual thump is that of a sparring prize fighter and there is no let up in quality. Going for the jugular “Cognitive Dissonance” continues to reign fire with sonic thunder in a pulveriser of an attack. Aaron Dalton smashes the living daylights out of his kit in a controlled fashion while the eerie sense of tension builds throughout. You could cut it with a knife and you’ll want to throw your friends around while listening to this. It’s a beast. For all the big names involved in the production, it’s the band who shine through the darkness [8/10]
Track listing
  1. Tainted
  2. Disgust
  3. Spineless
  4. Drawing Dead
  5. Cognitive Dissonance
“Delirium” by Together In Tragedy is out 13th November. The singles are available over at bandcamp now.

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