The Black Map #103: From Eden To Exile from Northampton!

Back in the summer of 2018 we had the pleasure of witnessing a set from a band we’d never heard of before at Tech-Fest. Appearing on the Waghorn Guitars Stage at Newark Showground were From Eden To Exile who were playing material from their 2017 album “Modern Disdain“. They’d been on quite the journey already, having formed in 2012 and won the Metal 2 Masses event that took them to the New Blood stage at Bloodstock in 2015 with a brand of Death Metal infused with Thrash to create a Groove Metal sound that has both crushing and melodic moments, their future seemed bright. However despite the push from both Terrorizer and Metal Hammer Magazine, the band had to go through their share of hardships with a number of line up changes slowing down their ascendancy. But as they say, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. They’re back with a brand new EP entitled “Age Of Fire” and produced by Neil Hudson of Krysthla fame on 1st May 2020. A beast of a record with flavors of Lamb of God and Bleed From Within in the mix, it includes “Inhuman“, a track which first came to our attention in December 2018 in this live session. It’s time for that phoenix to rise from the ashes and claim it’s rightful place.

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