Playlist: UK Tech-Fest 2018… Possibilities

List Mania Season aka Christmas & New Year is well and truly upon us with everyone who’s anyone popping out “Albums of the Year” and “Songs of the Year” listings… and we have our own up our sleeve for the coming week or so, the difference being ours will be short and sweet Top 10’s as opposed to Metal Hammers Top 100 (of which I’ve heard 12 btw) and Revolvers Top 50.

2017’s UK Tech-Fest was a sublime event, an £80 bargain at Newark Showgrounds taking in all that is Tech-Metal with a massive variety of bands. Wednesday 13th December will see the first wave of bands announced, so getting in ahead of the game, here is our list of 10 possibilities, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

1. Loathe – Liverpool’s current hottest property, Loathe are currently going really well on SharpTone Records. They’re debut full length “The Cold Sun” is a masterpiece and if new song “White Hot” from their upcoming split EP with Holding Absence is anything to go by, the future for them is… White Hot.

2. Faces of Eve – The bands self-titled debut was produced by Hacktivist guitarist Timfy James and the quality on show puts them in with a good shout of playing the smaller stage on the early bird Thursday. Faces of Eve are another young band with a bright future.

3. Karybdis – Having supported Jinjer (another possible?) on their recent UK run, played Techabilitation 2017 and with a new album on the horizon, London’s Karybdis are a distinct possibility.

4. Heart of a Coward – Album number four is waiting in the wings while the band search for a new vocalist after Jamie Graham’s departure to settle down to family life, unable to commit to the bands touring schedule. It would be a welcome return as a headliner this year to kick start and re-ignite the band. They previously played the 2015 edition, so is it too far fetched?

5. Continents – Not so much a Tech-Metal band but in keeping with UK Tech-Fests tradition of variety, it would be nice to see the Welsh crew at the festival. They have awesome new single “Preacher” out at the moment, a forthcoming UK tour in support of The Word Alive and a new album on the horizon.

6. Veil of Maya – They’re be in the UK with Dance Gavin Dance on a co-headling run in March but their 2017 album “False Idol” is a masterpiece and the height of Tech-Metal. Would it be too much to ask for them to do their own European/UK run to Tech-Fest in 2018?

7. The Faceless – Having dropped out of numerous tours in advance of UK Tech-Fest 2017, it came as no surprise when they dropped out of this years event. Returning to the live arena on the Summer Slaughter tour in the US and then following up with a brilliant new album “In Becoming A Ghost”, could they make amends for this years absence by returning for 2018?

8. TesseracT – Currently recording a new album, TesseracT finally seem to have a settled line-up, fingers crossed. A headlining run with new material leading to Tech-Fest 2018 is a distinct possibility, the Milton Keynes mob’s brand of progressive Tech-Metal definitely fits the bill.

9. Polaris – As far as full length debut albums go “The Mortal Coil” is right up there. Having graced our shores for this years “Impericon Never Say Die! Tour” and dropped massive Tech-Metal single “Consume” it’s definitely possible that Polaris could be doing their own headlining tours by the time that UK Tech-Fest comes around. Here’s hoping.

10. DVSR – Probably a bridge too far, but the Australian’s have recently released a 7 track EP entitled “Therapy” and 2015’s self-titled full length is a joy. DJent with a rap vocal that makes Hacktivist take note? They check the box on both Tech-Metal and variety. The question is, can they escape their homeland to get to these shores?

Others… Jinjer (Headliner), Harbinger, Carcer City, SiKth (Headliner), Arcaeon, EarthTrip, Novelists, Infected Rain

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