Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Albums of 2018!

It’s Listmania season. That time around the Holidays when anyone and everyone is throwing out their Babies with their bathwater along with their top this and best of that. We’ll be honest. We aren’t fans of these epically long lists of albums or bands or whatever. Who hasn’t got some form of ADHD in 2018 and isn’t easily distracted? So here’s the deal. We’ve put together a few really short Top #5 lists so if you’ve missed something we’re recommending you can check it out. You know. If you fancy it. Tomorrow? Our Top #5 EPs of 2018!

“Errorzone” by Vein

Starting in no particular order we have Vein. Their Will Putney produced debut full length caught us completely off guard with its mixture of rapid fire self-titled album era Slipknot meets The Dillinger Escape Plan in a dark alley. Fantastic album and great fun.

“Devouring Radiant Light” by Skeletonwitch

Another album that caught us off guard was this glorious Black Metal with hints of Thrash piece of work from Skeletonwitch. Some absolutely stunning tracks on this, amazing musicianship and some real prowess.

“Life In Exile” by Shields

One of our own up next with a flawless piece of Metal Mastery. It’s an album that transcends darkness into light and leaves you wondering what the band could have achieved if guitarist George Christie was still with us. Rest in peace brother.

“Era” by Bleed From Within

The return of one of our finest bands from hiatus and with arguably their finest work to date was the sort of thing that dreams are made of. It’s been a phenomenal year for them and they deserve all the rewards their hard work has earned.

“Holes” by Unleash The Pain

One of the unsigned bands to contact us for a review, Unleash The Pain deliver the goods with “Holes”. A fine piece of work and debut album by the Israeli modern metal band who took a bit of time off after releasing a couple of EPs.

What? We hear you cry! No space for Architects latest release “Holy Hell”? Well… we didn’t review it (as yet?) and everyone else already knows about it so no need for any further love to be shared. Honourable mentions should go to Jonestown, Sold Soul, Unearth, Landmvrks, Napoleon, Pig Destroyer and Our Hollow, Our Home who all released rippers this year. But it’s a list of #5 so they can’t all be on it!

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