Listmania: Metal Noise Spotify Wrapped 2019!

For all you Spotify users out there – if you haven’t already, if you follow the wrapped link and enable it here you will get what you always wanted – a breakdown of all the tracks and albums you’ve listened to over the last 12 months with your very own statistics! We’re not going to bore you with our top #100 tracks, because ADHD, long lists… what were we talking about?! Oh yeah! So here are #16 tracks that we’re culled from our top #100 most listened to on Spotify!

1. “Intuition Knows” by Extortionist from “Sever The Chord
2. “A.W.O.L” by Monuments from “Phronesis”
3. “Villain” by Attila from “Villain”
4. “Space And Time” by Cancer Bats from “The Spark That Moves
5. “When A Demon Defiles A Witch” by Whitechapel from “The Valley”
6. “The Anthem Of The Doomed” by Upon A Burning Body from “Southern Hostility
7. “Bloodline” by Northlane from “Alien
8. “Blacked Out” by Immerse from “Suffer
9. “Tyranny Forever” by Cursed Earth from “The Deathbed Sessions
10. “War” by Borders from “Purify
11. “West By God” by Left Behind from “Blessed By The Burn
12. “Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride” by Motionless In White from “Disguise
13. “Covet” by Yugen feat. Andrew Zink of BroJob from “Of Clarity
14. “On Wings Of Lead” by Bleeding Through from “This Is Love, This Is Murderous
15. “Impulse Crush” by Ithaca from “The Language Of Injury
16. “Chaos on the Road to Victory” from Empire from “From Ash

We’ve got a few tasty Awards coming up between Christmas and New Year with our Top #5’s of 2019, so keep your peepers open for those, starting 26th December!

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