Under The Influence #46: Ruina on “Venom” by Bullet For My Valentine!

After the mixed bag of “Temper Temper“, Welsh Metallers Bullet For My Valentine had expressed the desire to return to something heavier with their 2015 fifth studio album “Venom“. The departure of bassist Jay James prior to the recording left guitarist and vocalist Matt Tuck to play the bass parts, despite James replacement Jamie Mathias being credited and the album also become the last that drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas performed on. A high profile album required a high profile producer and so Colin Richardson (Fear Factory, Machine Head, Trivium) was brought in although Josh Gilbert (As I Lay Dying, Wovenwar) and Shane Blay (Oh Sleeper, Between The Buried And Me, Wovenwar) are both credited for a pair of tracks a piece. The result, arguably the bands heaviest album to date and while it does perhaps lack in some of the choruses, not necessarily having that sing-a-long ability, it has plenty of riffs and style.

Ruina vocalist Harvey Lake comments: “Now, this might come as a surprise to some of the “hardcore” fanbase of RUINA, but the reality is, “Venom” is responsible for the majority of my instrumentation in my music. I’m fully aware Bullet For My Valentine have been the whipping boys of metal for more than a long time now, but with that, the scene has missed out on a solid metal record right here. Venom is legitimately packed with massive riffs, thrashy beats and hooks most haven’t even touched before. With this little gem being pretty much ignored, I decided to learn every single track on guitar and drums when it came out back in 2015. With that, it’s translated into the majority of my writing with RUINA and other projects prior to it. Yes the EP ‘Nemesis’ is very much hardcore influenced, but a lot of my riffs come from a cocktail of USA HC and Bullet for my Valentine. I like the corny memorable lyrics, I like the simple riffs/beats. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes people connect better with less. It’s not always about being the heaviest band in the fucking world! Sometimes it’s healthy to write/listen to a variety of genres to broaden horizons that can creep their way into your music. In relation to this little beast of an album, I’m currently writing the first full length record for the band, and the sound is incredibly different to what has already been released. I don’t want RUINA to be another “hardcore band” that sticks to one genre within a very reclusive scene. I want to explore different elements of heavy music, including more melodic formulas and harmonics. From what’s been recorded already, I can tell you now that Venom’s influence on me as a musician and songwriter will be even clearer than before

Nemesis” by Ruina is out now and available over at bandcamp

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